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Getting my blog Setup

I’ve again renewed my effort to get started blogging. The subject of C++ came up a few times and I decided to see how much effort it would be to get some simple examples working.

I took a look at CppUTest, which is the tool I happen to use and liked the look of their github-hosted site, so I figured I’d git it a try. I’m successful for some definition of success, but I think I’m lacking some expected knowledge, because it took a bit of yak shaving to get to where I am.

I’m going to capture some notes so if you want to also get started, you might learn from what I have done. Or, if you are already there, you could tell me what I falied to understand or read or google that led me to what I’m doing.

I have both a mac and a Windows PC. I prefer Unix and I typically work in a VM anyway, so the host environment usually isn’t a issue. In this case, I watned to get going quickly, so I fitured I’d try working in my Windows host environment natively.

After messing around a bit in git bash, I switched to the Ubuntu subsystem in Windows 10. I upgraded ruby to 2.5 using rbenv.

Next, I followed the steps for setting up GitHub pages. By using the repo, it became my default site. I had something else there before, but that was a 6 year old experiment I deleted.

Next, I wanted to figure out how to serve up my files locally.

I had originally tried following the instructions here. But I wasn’t smart enough to udnerstand those steps. So I made a few minor changes.

  1. I did follow Step 1.
  2. Rather than following step 2 I cloned my github pages repo.
  3. I created a sibling directory following using the normal jekyll approach:
    jekyll new
  4. In the directory created in the previous example, I attempted to run jekyll locally:
    bundle exec jekyll serve --source ../
  5. For this to work I needed to add three (if I remember them all) values in _config.yml of
    title: Brett Schuchert's Collection Of Old And Outdated Ideas
    description: >-
      Yet another attempt at a blog as well as porting of an old site
    repository: schuchert/

Once I did that, I was able to preview my work at localhost:4000.


16 July 2018

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