A collection of old and outdated ideas for someone who's memory is getting worse every year

Title Date Published Description
Placeholder for future work on spring boot 2019-02-13 Quick links to some example spring boot 2 projects
DRY In Blogging - More usability, reducing duplication 2018-09-08 Making something more useful for subsequent uses could have lead to duplication, but I'm working on reducing that.
Experiments in Css, making Asides collapsible - Allowing for all the things while also appearing to make things shorter 2018-07-21 A live blog that is meant to demonstrated something I want to have.
Going slow to go fast - Internal vs. External Awareness 2018-07-18 Random thoughts about internal experience, versus external experiences and going slow to go fast inspired by a car pulled over my a motorcycle cop.
Getting my blog Setup 2018-07-16
Wonderful Surprise 2012-07-06 Nice feedback on a C++ book I've toyed with
Spring AOP 2012-07-01 Quick overview of getting Spring Aop up and running
Yet another blog attempt 2012-06-26



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